ChatGPT Blocked: Sorry, You Have Been Blocked from Chat GPT

Skylar Johnson
2 min readAug 14, 2023

Are you getting an “Sorry, you’ve been blocked” error in ChatGPT?

This is the second part of the error: “If you think this is an error, please contact us via our Help Center.”

Follows Ray ID as “[Ray-ID :7c1479f01c676bf4]”.

The error message is displayed because the system has detected suspicious activity .

Your account is therefore suspended for abuse, abuse or spam.

This guide will show you how to use “Sorry, you have been blocked“ and “If you think this is a bug, fix it” in ChatGPT or OpenAI .

Why am I blocked from using ChatGPT?

You cannot use ChatGPT because the system has detected suspicious activity on your account.

You can also be blocked for using a VPN or proxy server.

ChatGPT will block people if they abuse, spam or misuse the service.

In other cases, a VPN, proxy server, firewall or antivirus program prevents access to ChatGPT.

How to fix “Sorry, you have been blocked” in ChatGPT

To fix the “Sorry, you’ve been blocked” issue in ChatGPT, you need to disconnect your VPN or proxy.< /p

You can also try removing Chrome extensions or contact support OpenAI for assistance.

Solution 1: Disconnect your VPN/Proxy

  • If you have a personal or professional VPN, you must log out to access ChatGPT .
  • If you are connected to a proxy server, you must also disconnect from it.

Solution 2: Remove Chrome Extensions

  1. Click the puzzle icon in Chrome.
  2. Select “ Manage extensions”. “.
  3. Remove or disable all unwanted and suspicious vpn/proxies and extensions.

Solution 3: Other fixes

  • Open an incognito browser and access ChatGPT.
  • Empty browser cache and delete cookie.

Solution 4: Contact OpenAI Support

  1. Visit and click the chat bubble.
  2. Find Help > Browse Related Topics > Send us a message.
  3. Select the topic you need help with.
  4. Follow the instructions on the screen.



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